Sulkava Rowing Race is Finland´s biggest rowing event which has gathered in its best years over 10 000 rowers and over 20 000 visitors. Within the race in most categories will be rowed a route of approximately 60 km or two days tour rowing race 70 km. These two  routes take the rowers around the isle of Partalansaari where the rowers can enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature while competing. We have also new route: 30 km Stadion-Linnavuori-Stadion

During the weekend there are starts where rowers can participate in small boats, special boats and Sulkava long boats, in addition the Finnish Championship -starts will be rowed. There are four different categories which are: single rowers, bi-stroke rowers (one pair of oars and a paddle), couple rowers (two pairs of oars) and group rowers (special boats and Sulkava long boats). Nowadays canoes are too welcome!

Sulkava long boat crew consists of 14 rowers and a cox who paces them. Each rower has one oar and rows on a sliding bench. The cox also steers the boat and urges the rowers to their task.
The event ends always on the second Sunday of July.