TOUR IS ROWING FOR SMALL BOATS, SPECIAL BOATS, SULKAVA LONG BOATS, CANOES AND KAYAKS 70 KM. We have to starts (Thu-Fri and Sat-Sun) and tour starts from Rowing stadium

In the tour rowing will be rowed approximately 70 km during two days. The tour goes around the isle of Partalansaari and starts from the village of Sulkava (the Rowing stadium) and continues to Hakovirta – Kietävälä Varviranta and back to the village of Sulkava (Rowing stadium).

On the first day will be rowed approximately half of the journey all the way to the great camping area of Varviranta, where the overnight stay will take place. At the camping area there will be organised some evening entertainment. Within the area it is possible to use your own tent. The tents and all the other equipment needed will be transferred from the starting point to the camping area of Varviranta by the organiser. After the night the equipment will be returned to the starting point again by the organiser.  The rowing continues on both days, Friday and Sunday, at 8 a.m. and the rowers have to be back at the Rowing stadium by 3 p.m.

On the tour rowing the model, the material and the type of the seat of the boats or canoes is free.