The father of Sulkavan Suursoudut, and the donator of the first prize boat, late boatmaster Kauko Miettinen’s, and his late spouse Anna-Liisa Miettinen’s heirloom, together with the association arranging Sulkavan Suursoudut, Sulkava-seura r.y., have set up the Kauko and Anna-Liisa Miettinen rowing fund. Scholarship(s) are distributed from the fund yearly, based on certain selections and decisions. These are usually given during the the weekend of our rowing competition.

The decisions about the scholarships are made by a jury, which includes representatives from the heirloom and Sulkava-seura r.y. The fund is continuously increased, and everyone willing to donate is more than welcome to do so. The account number for the fund is: FI9354 3704 6091 1052, Kauko ja Anna-Liisa Miettisen souturahasto.

Decision criteria are based on things important to Kauko Miettinen:

– Cherishing of the rowing culture and wooden boat tradition
– Improving and developing the Sulkavan Suursoudut- event
– The safety of Sulkavan Suursoudut
– Image and appearance of local entrepreneurs
– Seuring the amount of rowers
– Long-term work towards the dream

The scholarship can be received by one or multiple persons, an act, body, community, etc.


The funds support for the year 2021:

Free participation for under 23 -year-olds

The rowing fund supports rowers under the age of 23, who participate to the 60km competition. These rowers have the right to participate for free. Everyone born in 1998, or under 23-year-olds, who are rowing 30, 60, or 70km, can participate for free, regardless of their category.

The young rowers in question registrate normally for the competition, but without the need to pay. When filling the registration form, write “young”, on the part asking for the date of the payment. Your birth year needs to be filled in the form, along with your other information.


The cox of the long boat for half-price

The cox can participate for half-price, on the support of the rowing fund.