THE TOUR ROW IS FOR SMALL BOATS, SPECIAL BOATS, SULKAVA LONG BOATS, CANOES AND KAYAKS ON A 70 KM JOURNEY. There is one start (Sat-Sun) and the tour starts from Rowing Stadium.

The tour is approximately 70 km long, and will be rowed during two days. It goes around the isle of Partalansaari, starting from the municipality of Sulkava (Rowing stadium), continuing to Hakovirta – Kietävälä, Varviranta and finishing to Sulkava (Rowing Stadium).

On the first day approximately half of the journey will be rowed, all the way to the camping area of Varviranta, where the overnight stay will take place. There will be organized evening entertainment at the camping area. It is possible to use your own tent within the area. The tents and all the other required equipment  will be transferred from the starting point to the camping area of Varviranta by the organizer. Rowers are advised to mark / use name tags on their equipment to ease the equipment identifying process afterwards. After the night the equipment will be returned to the starting point by the organizer. The rowing continues on Friday and Sunday at 8 a.m. and the rowers have to be back at the Rowing stadium by 3 p.m.

There are no restrictions on the tour rowing regarding the model, material or type of seat of boats, canoes or kayaks.



On Thursday and Saturday saunas in Varviranta can be used until 9.00 p.m. On Friday and Sunday men’s saunas are at Alinanniemi and in Sports Hall and women’s saunas are at the first floor of municipal office building and at the school.



The organizers have a liability insurance, but everyone takes part at their own risk. Organizers have a right to deny the entry of a boat crew if the rowers are under the influence of alcohol.


Diplomas, medals and prizes

Competitors must report to the rowing office at the Rowing stadium before the start. There the participation fee will be checked and the race number, wristbands, a route map and other necessary documents will be given. After the race, rowers must return the race number back to the rowing office. In the rental boats the race number is already attached. Rowers get diplomas and medals at the same time they return the race number!

Call for help

If you need to call for help during the race, hold the oar sideways and move it up and down. If heavy storm occurs, rowers are suggested to go ashore and wait for the storm to settle down.