Participation fees are divided into three different price categories and they go up as the event approaches.
60km and 30km one-day races:
65€/person, registration by 31 December, 2022
73€/person, registration between 1 January and 31 May, 2023
79€/person, registration from 1 June, 2023 onwards

2-day 70km race with overnight stay:
67€/person, registration by 31 December, 2022
75€/person, registration between 1 January and 31 May, 2023
85€/person, registration from 1 June, 2023 onwards

Prepare Yourself
The race is approximately 60km. From experienced, fit rowers with small boats, it takes over five hours, from novices typically from six to seven hours. Harsh weather conditions can make it to take even longer.

The best long boats teams, race it in about four hours, as for an average, it takes from 4hrs 30min up to 5 hours. Remember to bring plenty of fluids with you, about 1litre per hour, but the consumption is even more in hot temperatures. Suitable fluids are sports drinks and still water. Some snacks like energy bars, gels or similar make a good addition. If you use a Camelpak or similar equipment, please test it well in advance before the race to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the race.

A long distance aerobic training, particularly focused on rowing to build your endurance is recommended. Please ask for further guidance from your local rowing club or sport professionals.

Boats and Other Equipment
The alternatives of wooden boats are a Single, a Double Sculling and a Paddle Sculling. In addition, there is the traditional long boat with 14 rowers and a cox. Should you or your team not have a boat of your own, you can contact the event organizer directly or any rowing club you may know to rent a one.

Please take into consideration the weather conditions and use a cap or some other type of hat to protect yourself from sun, use a sun protector and comfortable sports clothing. Some rowers like to wear special gloves like tight fit skiing gloves, most do not, and a neoprene oar cover is a good accessory to have to avoid blisters. A seat padding also makes the rowing more comfortable. These type of equipment can be acquired from specialist rowing dealers.

The Venue and Start
Do arrive early at the start venue, at least one hour before the actual start. Please note that with 60km race, the start is at Hakovirta and the race finishes at the Rowing Stadium. Bare this in your mind with your spare clothing and other personal items. It is probably helpful to have some friends with you, who keep your things in safe while the race. Please refer to the map below. With 30km race, the start and finish is at the same place, Rowing Stadium.

Should you have a boat of your own, bring the boat to the start well in advance, for Friday evening start latest by Friday mid morning as there is always a bit of a rush and crowd at the start Hakovirta. For Saturday morning start, please bring your boat to the start latest by Friday evening. At the start and finish, there are no trestles or any kind of support wood provided by event organizers so do bring your own if you wish to use some.

There is a free bus service prior and after the race between Hakovirta start and Sulkava village center. The registration fee includes a medal, a diploma, sauna facilities, a meal and a liability insurance and a newspaper with results posted to your home address.

Enjoy the race!