You Can Rent Sulkava Long Boats

The event organiser, Sulkava Society ry, rents long boats for the rowing event. The boats will be ready at the starting point and after the race they can be left at the finish line.

For the tour rowing races ( Sat-Sun) the rent for a long boat with sliding seats is 650,00 € (inc. VAT 24%). The race is 70 km long and it includes an overnight stay.

For the Saturday night rowing and for the Saturday day rowing the rent for a long boat with sliding seats is 600,00 € (inc.  ALV 24%). The race is 60 km long and it will be rowed non-stop.

The Stadium-Linnavuori-Stadium 30 km start as well as the finish will be at the rowing stadium. The rent for the both types of long boats (fixed and sliding seats) is 300 € (inc. VAT 24%).

Because of the high demand of the long boat rentals we will charge a booking fee in February. Therefore the final confirmation for the long boat rental should be done by the due date of the invoice, which is 14 days after the posting of the invoice. The initial booking is recommended to be done as soon as possible. For the invoicing we need exact billing information.

Boat rents will not be returned in the case your crew has to cancel the participation, but the tenancy can be agreed to be moved to the next year’s Sulkava Rowing Race competition.

Your rented boat will be ready at the starting point at least two hours before the start. At the racing categories the rental boats are fairly new boats, which have to be handled with care. In case you want your company’s or sponsor’s advert onto your boat they shouldn’t be attached straight to the boat but they can be attached e.g. to a separate object and tied onto the boat. Other teams will be using the same boats so please clean them well after the use and leave them in an appropriate condition.


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